Project: An attempt to collate and classify online paleographical resources


I am currently gathering information for a general survey of the spectrum of Palaeographical and Manuscript-based Research resources available online. This task, although fascinating and enlightening, is nevertheless very daunting. Not simply because of the plethora of sites and projects, the many languages of these host sites and the specialised linguistic skills required to make sense of the materials therein contained, but also because of the diverse aims and methodologies espoused by these diverse projects. To say that I am a trifle overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content is an understatement! I will attempt to develop some sort of criteria by which I will classify these resources and perhaps assess their merits and flaws. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I might tackle this mammoth task, then I would greatly appreciate any comments, insights or links to relevant sites and resources. Or failing that you might want to simply wish me luck!