In principio erat verbum…In the beginning there was the word.


My name is Andrea and I am a learning-junkie. Here begins my next learning adventure. I am embarking on a journey to become a digital humanist. I am not 100% sure yet what that means exactly! Nevertheless, in so doing, I am challenging my ingrained papyrophilia, and forcing myself to go where I have never felt truly comfortable. Yes my friends, I am e-voyaging into the nebulous cloud of confusion which lies at the heart of the dangerous digital realm. Join me on my quest to take by storm the very new and shiny field of digital humanities. Watch me  as I try to battle emergent technologies, as I attempt to reach some sort of accord with new media and endeavour to crack the conundrum of ‘what it means to be human  in the digital age’.

Given that I am not necessarily a fan of novelty for its own sake, and that I would feel more competent with a calligraphy quill than with a haptic feedback device, this is probably the most difficult challenge I have ever set myself,  and I once gave astrophysics a go!

So, in the spirit of openness, interdisciplinarity and self-reflection, which I am coming to realise are watchwords for this nascent discipline, I invite you to join me on this trek into the unknown. Share in the inevitable failures, and hopefully occasional triumphs of a woman whose favourite languages are dead ones, whose favourite works of art are centuries old and whose favourite books were written and illustrated long before the printing-press was even a twinkle in Gutenberg’s eye.

This should be fun.

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